Cleaning of Commercial Rooms

Cleaning Stores and Businesses


Cleaning of Offices and Clinics

Cleaning of Commercial Rooms

Excellence in Commercial Cleaning

The DCN4 Cleaning Service offers everything necessary for cleaning commercial rooms, with techniques that do not harm the work of professionals and products that do not exude an odor and can cause discomfort.

A clean workplace can guarantee employees greater productivity in their functions, as they eliminate dust and other dirt that causes allergic diseases.


We use biodegradable professional products, which disinfect 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in your home in all types of cleaning. We also work with products according to your service needs, which remove any type of dirt.


The equipment is: Professional vacuum cleaner, Moptop, fibers (does not scratch), cloths of 4 colors to identify each environment. This procedure aims to avoid contamination between environments. All material used is properly sanitized and disinfected.


All professionals use personal protective equipment for their own safety. We use state-of-the-art equipment capable of generating excellent results. All this thinking sustainably and preserving the environment.


We perform the disinfection of environments with a specific product for the service. No matter what the closed environment is, hygiene and disinfection is safe for everyone. Even in environments with a large number of people circulating.

Professional Team

Ensuring a cleaner working environment for longer

f your company values a good image with customers and recognizes the benefits of its employees’ well-being, DCN4 Cleaning Service is the ideal brand for your cleaning service.

We always work with trained and uniformed cleaning professionals, with weekly or monthly packages, varying according to the needs of our customers.